Democratizing a good time.


The bon/fixe came out of a conversation I had after interviewing a prolific Italian music photographer. He was exhibiting a series of photographs of bands taken at New York’s best music venues at a small but sexy gallery in Lisbon (Little Chelsea Experience) and I was interviewing him for Left Bank Magazine. I heard about the exhibition from a NYC musician friend of mine (who was visiting Lisbon) and … are you still with me?

At the end of the interview, I thought it would be a good idea to have him and the owner of the gallery tell me five different places that they love to frequent in their city. Because, it’s no secret that musicians and artists know the coolest places to go.

What is a secret, however, is that only we know this information. And, the rest of you guys are left searching shitty, highly-commercial websites for information on venues, art galleries, and events. Earlier that week, I had been asked by 3 different people on where to go out for various reasons in Lisbon. 

And, thus, Bon/Fixe was born.

We feature only the coolest places to go—whether you’re looking for a skate park or indie French cinema in Chicago—and only the most fun events to attend. Because, we’ve spent a long time at home and what a waste it would be to go out post-pandemic and have a terrible time. No, we won’t let you do that.

You’re going to have the best fucking time of your life. You’re going to go to a safe space, you’re going to know all that you need to know before getting there, you’re going to know whether to bring cash or some crypto bullshit, and you’re going to conquer the world the next day. That, dear reader, is what is going to happen.

Welcome to the rabbit hole—it’s good/cool inside.

Footnote/brief language lesson: bon (French, good) + fixe (Portuguese slang for cool).